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Grow a Lush, Vibrant Lawn with Grass and Perennials

Beautiful landscaping starts with a cultivated lawn. Tall fescue grass seed is a popular choice for lush, vibrant grass. It is heat and drought tolerant, making it a good option for areas with unpredictable weather patterns.

Perennials and grass work together to create a colorful, healthy outdoor space on your property. Yellow perennial flowers like daffodils are hearty and add a touch of whimsy to your yard.

Choosing the perfect combination of grass and perennial varieties is a great way to cultivate a lawn that continues to thrive year after year.

How to Care for Perennials

Perennials need special care to ensure the blooms return every year. They need the perfect balance of moisture, sunlight, and fertilization in order to thrive.

Pruning away dead or diseased blooms help the plants use their energy to grow stronger and bloom more frequently. Thinning the area every few years prevents overcrowding so the remaining plants can grow stronger. Fertilizing perennials in the growing season with a balanced fertilizer supports robust growth and vibrant blooms.

By incorporating these practices into your gardening routine, you are setting your perennials up for success.

How to Plant Grass Seed for a Healthy Lawn

Cultivating a healthy lawn begins with planting high-quality grass seeds, laying the foundation for a lush and vibrant carpet of greenery. Start by choosing the right grass seed variety based on your climate, soil type, and sunlight conditions. Cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and fescue thrive in northern regions, while warm-season varieties such as Bermuda grass and zoysia are well-suited to hotter climates.

Prepare the area by removing debris and loosening the soil. Adding organic matter like compost enhances soil fertility and aids in water retention. Evenly spread the grass seeds, following the recommended seeding rates on the seed package. Lightly rake the soil to cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

Watering is critical during the germination phase. Keep the soil consistently moist to encourage the seeds to sprout. Once the grass reaches a mowable height, typically 3 inches, mow with a sharp blade to encourage healthy growth.

Grass and perennials are just the beginning of creating a stunningly beautiful landscape. The Nursery Outlet has every type of plant you need to increase your property value and build a landscape that fits in perfectly with the existing foliage on your property.

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